YouTube is Finally Bringing Live Lyrics For All Songs

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Real-time lyrics are not a novel feature in the music streaming industry, Spotify and Apple Music have offered it for quite some time. On the other hand, YouTube Music has been lagging behind. Lyrics have been available on the Google streaming platform but they were only accessible in a basic manual format.

The latest update to YouTube Music introduces an automatic real-time tracking feature for lyrics as songs play. This feature is available for any song that already has uploaded lyrics on YouTube Music. As the lyrics are played, they will be highlighted and the text size will be enlarged within the Lyrics tab of the app.

This is what it looks like.

In the previous year, Google teamed up with MusixMatch to commence the development of this feature. Additionally, it has been reported that LyricFind is also contributing to real-time lyrics tracking.

MusixMatch also works with Spotify to provide lyrics for all songs, or at least most of them in languages other than English as well.

Currently, we have only witnessed screenshots of the feature on Android and iOS, without a definite release date. Several Reddit users have already claimed to have accessed the feature on Android via app version 5.51.50.

It appears that the feature is gradually becoming available for users in different regions, so we would recommend keeping your YouTube Music up to date. But keep in mind that it may take longer for some regions to get the new feature.

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