You Can Now Check PIA Flight Details on WhatsApp

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has taken a significant step towards improving its passengers’ travel experience by introducing a new WhatsApp chatbot.

The chatbot allows for online confirmation of tickets and seats, which will undoubtedly make the booking procedure convenient for passengers.

Passengers may now quickly seek guidance on different flight-related issues, such as ticket verification and seat selection. They may also use WhatsApp to verify their flight schedule and timings.

As per PIA’s tweet, the airline is dedicated to improving its support services for customers, and the new WhatsApp chatbot demonstrates this dedication. Customers previously had to go to PIA’s offices or call a hotline, but now they are able to do so using WhatsApp.

Notwithstanding the new addition, PIA will continue to provide in-person customer care to travelers who prefer conventional means of booking and confirmation.

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