WhatsApp Will Soon Allow Several Accounts on One Phone

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WhatsApp already has an option that lets you sign in to your account on four different devices while keeping them all synced. But there is another convenient feature coming soon that will let you keep multiple accounts on a single device instead.

No this is not about having multiple WhatsApp versions to run multiple accounts. Instead, this update will let you use multiple accounts on a single app and let you swap between them at all times too.

As always, the feature was spotted by the WhatsApp feature tracker blog WABetaInfo. For now, this function is only seen on WhatsApp Business, but it will arrive on other versions too.

As the screenshot shows, WhatsApp is bringing a multi-account feature by adding a menu that will let you switch between them at all times. Many other social apps including Instagram, Discord, and Telegram have this already.

Once you log into an additional account from your device, it will be saved in your list of accounts until you sign out of that account. This should allow people to split their personal and professional WhatsApp accounts even if they only have a single device.

It is unclear how WhatsApp will distinguish between notifications from multiple accounts. Perhaps we will get a little label indicating the account a message is from, but it remains to be seen.

Multi-account is still in development for WhatsApp Business, so it will be a while before it’s rolled out to everyone.

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