WhatsApp Desktop is Getting Custom Wallpapers Soon

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WhatsApp has had the option to choose custom chat backgrounds for a while already, but this has largely been limited to smartphones. While WhatsApp Web and the previous desktop app did have the option, we are still waiting on it for the newer native WhatsApp Desktop.

Thankfully, the feature is right around the corner now that it has been spotted on the WhatsApp Desktop beta (version 2.2316.2.0) through the Microsoft Store. As always, this update was spotted by folks over at WABetainfo. 

The new update should bring a ‘Personalization’ option through the app’s settings, which will let you choose between different chat wallpapers. You can also choose to include or exclude doodles on these backgrounds.

Have a look at the screenshot below.

For now, the feature only includes 15 preset color options, but we suspect that more will be added soon. This appears to be the first version of this feature as there is no option to add your own images for different chats.

It is highly likely that WhatsApp will improve the personalization tab soon after releasing it.

You can try out the feature for yourself if you download the latest beta version of WhatsApp Desktop on Windows through the Microsoft Store. But those hoping for a stable release will have to wait for a little while longer as it is only available to beta testers.

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