Trend Micro Unleashes Trend Vision One™ Platform with Next-Gen XDR and AI Capabilities

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Trend Micro has unveiled an innovative cybersecurity platform that elevates threat defense and fortifies security posture. The freshly-released Trend Vision One platform signifies a game-changing stride in enterprise cybersecurity, introducing robust attack surface risk management, robust cross-layer protection for hybrid environments, and amplified XDR capabilities.

“The new Trend Vision One™ platform is a significant leap in strengthening security posture and enhancing threat defense,” said a spokesperson for Trend Micro.

He added: “The advanced AI and machine learning analytics, together with the broadest set of native security sensors, provide comprehensive and cross-domain threat protection.”

Using the most advanced generative AI technology, Trend Vision One advances its Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities with the most extensive set of native security sensors. This novel application of AI and machine learning analytics enhances the platform’s threat protection across various domains by consolidating data from both internal and external sources.

The platform bolsters the enterprise’s defense mechanism by providing an unparalleled scope and comprehension of events.

This leads to enhanced proactive defense, accelerated detection, and swifter incident responses. Features of Trend Vision One include:

  • Cross-layer, hybrid environment support: The platform bolsters security across all layers of an organization’s IT infrastructure, such as endpoints, servers, cloud services, email, networks, and OT. Its extensive support for hybrid environments ensures uncompromised security in cloud, hybrid, and on-premises settings.
  • Third-Party Ecosystem Integrations: Over the past year, Trend Vision One has significantly expanded its integration ecosystem, fostering streamlined workflow automation and orchestration.
  • Global Threat Intelligence: Trend Vision One capitalizes on its global threat intelligence, providing deep insights into breach activities and vulnerabilities.
  • Expert Managed Services: Alongside the platform, Trend Micro also offers the broadest vendor-delivered Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service in the market, providing 24/7 monitoring and support.

In addition to these features, the Trend Vision One platform has been supercharged by generative AI, launching Trend Vision One Companion, an AI-powered cybersecurity assistant. Companion AI amplifies security operations, boosts productivity, and accelerates threat detection, response, and cyber risk management.

Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC, acknowledged the tangible benefits of the Trend Vision One platform, stating, “Trend’s approach results in increased productivity and effectiveness of security professionals and support for hybrid environments. They will realize the benefits of XDR regardless of their IT environment.”

The Trend Vision One platform also introduces proactive Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM) rooted in Zero Trust principles. The platform provides continuous attack surface discovery and real-time risk assessment, enabling swift identification and remediation of critical risks.

Looking towards the future, Trend Vision One is set to empower partner-delivered security services. With its broad set of integrations and strong multi-customer management functionality, the platform is ideally positioned to deliver powerful solutions that address critical industry needs and significantly reduce Mean Time To Respond (MTTR).

With Trend Vision One, organizations can now look forward to a future where they can effectively minimize their attack surface, slow down attackers, and protect against threats while ensuring compliance and data protection.

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