This Robot Dog Can Now Talk Using ChatGPT

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With artificial intelligence and robotics increasingly prevalent in our world, it’s fascinating to witness engineers breaking barriers and discovering new methods to enhance the functionality of these machines.

Santiago has accomplished just that by integrating ChatGPT with Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, Spot for better communication and much more.

As you are probably aware already, ChatGPT is a potent AI model created by OpenAI that can generate meaningful and coherent text in response to user input. Santiago has merged Google’s text-to-speech technology, allowing users to question Spot by voice, and Spot can respond in real-time by using ChatGPT. This results in a robot dog that can comprehend queries, parse through documents, and formulate responses.

Santiago’s demo video shows Spot responding to inquiries regarding its battery level, mission particulars, and more. Spot is even able to nod and shake its head to say yes or no, which just makes it more adorable.

Robot dogs execute automated tasks every day, utilizing complex and lengthy configuration files that only a technician can comprehend. After each mission, the robot dog acquires an abundance of data, but there is no straightforward approach to retrieving that data at any given time. ChatGPT is the solution, enabling simpler comprehension of the configuration files and data querying.

Integrating AI into robots may be a cause for concern for some as the notion of robots utilizing an AI model to communicate with humans could bring to mind a dystopian future where robots revolt against their creators.

However, at present, the objective is to enhance the efficiency of tasks by using robot dogs.

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