This App Lets You Know If Your Cat is in Pain

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A Tokyo-based tech firm and university have collaborated to develop an app called “Cat Pain Detector” that uses AI technology to determine if a cat is experiencing pain.

The app, which has gained 43,000 users since its recent release, analyzes thousands of cat photos to identify subtle signs of discomfort.

Researchers from Carelogy and Nihon University’s College of Bioresource Sciences studied various features of cats, such as their ears, noses, whiskers, and eyelids, to create a scoring system that distinguishes between healthy cats and those in pain due to hard-to-detect illnesses.

By inputting this information into an AI detection system, the app’s accuracy has exceeded 90 percent, according to Go Sakioka, the head of Carelogy.

The goal is to provide cat owners with a tool to assess their pets’ well-being at home, helping them decide whether a visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

While some Japanese veterinarians are already utilizing the “Cat Pain Detector,” Sakioka emphasizes the need for further refinement of the AI system before it becomes a standardized tool.

The app’s popularity reflects the increasing availability of pet-related technologies aimed at assisting owners in monitoring their animals’ health and mood.

Similar mood and pain trackers have been developed in Canada and Israel, catering to the concerns of pet owners worldwide.

In Japan, where cats are considered symbols of luck and numerous cat-related establishments exist, the “Cat Pain Detector” has found significant usage among cat enthusiasts.

Nonetheless, the developers acknowledge the importance of enhancing the AI system’s precision before widespread adoption.

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