Sportage Remains Kia’s Best Seller Despite Recent Price Hikes

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Since the start of 2023, car prices have risen multi-fold, resulting in a decrease in demand for new cars. Because of this, car sales have also gone down due to a decline in production.

Despite that, Lucky Motor Corporation (LMCL) has witnessed a slight increase in sales, with Kia Sportage being its best-seller. According to a recent update from the oft-reliable auto, Kia sold 346 units of Sportage, making it the best-selling vehicle in its lineup.

Comparatively, the company sold only 103 Picantos, 129 Stonics, and 96 Sorentos. These figures allowed for a sales bump of 23% Month over Month (MoM).

Competitors Getting Ahead

Kia’s hype has faded lately, while Hyundai Nishat Motors Private Limited (HNMPL) and Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) are getting ahead with Tucson and HR-V respectively.

According to recent data from Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA), Hyundai sold 620 Tucsons while Honda sold 729 units of HR-V. Both crossovers beat Sportage by a huge margin.

Kia has lately been suffering due to intermittent factory closures and an overall decline in production. Time will tell if Sportage can reclaim its position as the best-selling crossover SUV in Pakistan once the situation settles.

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