SAP Discovery Day-Unveil Cloud Path to Become Sustainable and Intelligent

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SAP, the world-renowned provider of enterprise software solutions, organized a Discovery Day event in Karachi with the theme “Become an Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise.”

The event aimed to educate and empower businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to embark on a digital transformation journey to become an intelligent, competitive, and sustainable organization.

The SAP Discovery Day brought together industry leaders, experts, and professionals from various sectors to share insights, best practices, and success stories related to digital transformation.

In his welcome remarks, SAP’s Senior Vice President of Middle East and North Africa, Ahmed Al-Faifi, said, “We gather here to explore the transformative power of digitalization and its potential to shape a more intelligent and sustainable future for businesses. In the era of rapid technological advancements, it has become imperative for organizations to embrace digital disruption and adapt to the evolving business landscape.”

He elaborated on how the concept of an intelligent enterprise goes beyond just implementing new technologies; it encompasses a holistic approach to leveraging data, analytics, and intelligent technologies to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and create sustainable business practices.

Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director of SAP Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, in his address on the Future of Digital Disruption in Pakistan, highlighted the immense potential of digitalization and how it is reshaping the business landscape in Pakistan.

He said: “Technology is there to help you grow economically and professionally; it focuses on transforming processes by keeping track of customer needs and market competition. The ultimate objective of SAP is to make the businesses efficient for best addressing the needs of the customers across the board.”

Paul Candy, Head of SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS) added: “Technology supports and enables organizations to create new channels to market, improve employee productivity, lift customer engagement, and do more with less.

SAP is a global leader in innovation within the areas of Cloud, Mobile, and Social and has been solving business challenges for customers for over 40 years. With this rich history, SAP has now focused its attention on developing breakthrough technologies and best practices that shape global trends.”

Individual addresses and panel discussions comprising prominent speakers and industry experts deliberated on the urgent need to digitalize Human Experience Management for the best impact on organizational productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall well-being.

The potential of digital cloud technologies in revolutionizing human experiences with real-world case studies that highlight the tangible benefits of adapting Digital Cloud Platform was the nexus of these conversations.

SAP Senior Executives, Erhan Kani Ergün, Director, Business Development, S/4HANA Cloud COE, EMEA South, and Stamatia Betsi, Climate Action & Sustainability Business Development Expert EMEA South, also shared their expertise and achievements in digitization for charting a stronger course forward.

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