Pakistani Students Develop Revolutionary ‘Smart Mirror’ for Selfies, Music and Weather Updates

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A group of Pakistani students has developed an innovative “Smart Mirror” that offers a range of features, including the ability to take pictures and print them out. This mirror is equipped with touch technology, allowing users to interact with it and access its features easily.

It also offers features, playing music, and providing weather updates. This revolutionary device is a testament to the country’s growing technological capabilities and the potential of its youth to make significant contributions to the field of technology.

With the Smart Mirror’s picture-taking feature, users can snap selfies, retry shots, add filters, and even print them out for instant keepsakes. Moreover, they can access their photos by scanning the mirror’s QR code with their phone, making it incredibly convenient to share their pictures with friends and family. The Smart Mirror’s cutting-edge technology and features showcase the impressive skills and creativity of Pakistani students, as well as their ability to create products that cater to modern consumers’ needs

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