Pakistan Begins Scrutinizing Security in India for Team’s ODI World Cup Trip

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated a comprehensive review of the security situation concerning the participation of the national team in the World Cup 2023.

This development occurs amid escalating tensions and strained relations between the neighboring countries due to the venue dispute for the Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan.

Sources within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have disclosed that the review aims to assess potential threats and risks Men in Green may face in the neighboring country.

The Ministry will communicate its decision on whether to send the team or not to the PCB after a thorough examination of the situation, which is expected in the coming days.

Sources indicate that India has been reluctant to establish sporting ties with Pakistan, demonstrating a lack of desire for sports-related associations with their neighbors.

Citing the previous instance of Pakistan inviting India to play the Asia Cup 2023, sources claim that the refusal from India deeply disappointed cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan.

This viewpoint is reinforced by sources from External Affairs Ministry in India, emphasizing that politics and sports are inseparable in the context of India-Pakistan relations.

The withdrawal of the Pakistan team would not only impact the dynamics of the tournament but also exacerbate the already strained relations between the two cricketing nations.

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