Opera One Browser Launched With AI Chatbot and More Upgrades

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Introducing Opera One, a new browser version by Opera that includes an AI chatbot named Aria and brings other notable enhancements as well.

Similar to Microsoft Edge’s Bing chatbot, Opera’s AI assistant resides within the browser’s sidebar, providing real-time information, text/code generation, idea brainstorming, and more.

Aria, the integrated chatbot, harnesses the power of Opera’s Composer AI engine and connects to OpenAI’s GPT model. To utilize this feature, you’ll need to create an Opera account if you haven’t already.

Once signed up, simply click on the Aria icon located on the left side of the screen to initiate a conversation. After conducting testing since May, Opera has now made the enhanced browser version available to all users through download.

A notable feature of Aria is its convenient accessibility. Instead of opening the sidebar, users have the option to utilize a command line-like overlay, enabling them to swiftly type in questions or prompts.

Additionally, Aria offers the capability to highlight text directly on webpages, prompting a menu that allows for translation, explanation, or searching related topics on the web.


Although Aria possesses a wide range of functionalities similar to the Bing chatbot, it falls slightly short compared to the Edge assistant.

Aria lacks the same menu system that allows a quick selection of conversation styles when posing questions, and it also lacks one-click options to choose the tone, format, and length of the generated text. You can still customize Aria’s responses, but you’ll need to make manual requests for adjustments.

It’s worth noting that Aria is a new tool, and Opera is likely to continue updating it over time. Perhaps Opera will even integrate image generation capabilities, similar to Microsoft’s recent addition to its browser.

In addition to Aria, Opera One introduces several additional enhancements. This includes the introduction of “tab islands,” which automatically group related tabs based on their context, as well as a fresh design and improved browser architecture.

You can experience Aria and the new Opera One browser on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

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