Nokia Unveils New Look for Its Phones, Watches, and More

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Nokia’s Design Team has developed a new user interface design language called Pure UI, which is not only intended for phones but also for other products.

The design aims to be consistent, flexible, and future-proof, featuring a clean and minimalistic appearance, which is currently a leading design trend. Multiple components are involved, beginning with templates and guidelines that establish the overall look.

The Nokia Pure typeface plays a significant role in the new design language, as it will be used throughout the UI.

In addition, the Pure UI introduces new icons based on strokes, which can be adjusted to suit the display requirements and capabilities of different devices. These icons include smooth animations to draw the user’s attention to specific components.

To aid designers in constructing consistent-looking screens, the Nokia team also developed standard elements.

Pure UI supports Dark Mode, with elements and icons adjusting their styles accordingly.

Although Nokia phones have typically stayed close to the stock Android appearance, we anticipate a transition towards adopting the Pure UI design language. However, there is no indication of when this shift will occur.

Notably, Pure UI is not limited to phones, as its powerful components can also be utilized to create intricate web-based dashboards and scale from small wrist-worn displays to large wall-mounted panels.

You can have a closer look at the new UI on Nokia’s website.

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