Netflix is Making It Easier to Find Movies and Shows

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Netflix is introducing enhancements to its My List feature to make it easier to organize bookmarked shows and movies. Initially launching on Android, users will have the ability to filter their lists by movies, TV shows, and categories such as “Haven’t Started” and “Started.”

Additionally, sorting options will include criteria like the date of addition, release dates, and alphabetical order. The introduction of these new tools is expected to greatly assist users in navigating through their extensive lists. The feature will be rolled out on Android starting from Monday, with availability on iOS anticipated within the next few weeks.

It is unclear when it’s coming to the TV app, but it shouldn’t take long.

‘Coming Soon’ Feature

In addition, Netflix is introducing a “Coming Soon” section on the TV version of its app’s homescreen, providing users with a valuable tool to stay informed about upcoming shows and movies that align with their interests.

Moreover, users will have the option to request reminders for specific shows or movies, ensuring they don’t miss out on anticipated releases. With highly anticipated content like the sixth season of Black Mirror and the initial installment of The Witcher’s third season on the horizon, there will likely be numerous titles users would want to set reminders for.

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