Microsoft is Adding Bing AI to SwiftKey Keyboard

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Microsoft recently added Bing AI support to its popular SwiftKey keyboard, putting its AI chatbot at the fingertips of many. This integration is now coming to all modern Samsung Galaxy phones, whether you like it or not.

Samsung phones have their own Android launcher called One UI and it uses Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard by default. This means that the keyboard’s new Bing AI integration is coming in straight through the window uninvited.

The news comes shortly after Microsoft barged in on users trying to check out Google’s rival Bard AI on its Edge browser.

Yesterday, Microsoft took to Twitter to announce the SwiftKey update, version, which will soon be available to Samsung users in the coming days. The Bing AI integration has been gradually rolling out to SwiftKey users since mid-April, including on the recently resurrected iOS version.

However, Samsung Galaxy users who prefer not to have Bing AI integrated into their keyboard can use Samsung’s default keyboard instead. You can switch keyboards on Android by going to Settings > Languages and Input > On-Screen Keyboard.

Despite this, there is a possibility that Galaxy users may continue to see Bing in the future. Reports indicate that Samsung may be considering moving away from its $3 billion deal with Google to make Bing its new default search engine.

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