Huawei Phones Are Returning to Pakistan Soon

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Chinese tech giant Huawei is set to make a comeback in the Pakistani market with its smartphones, according to company officials.

The executives announced during a recent media event that the re-launch is expected to happen by the end of this year or early 2024.

The announcement was made during a ceremony organized to launch the company’s annual report for 2022, which was broadcasted in many countries, including Pakistan.

The move to re-enter the Pakistani market comes amidst Huawei Chairman Eric Xu’s recent remarks against US tech export restrictions on China.

During a press conference, he confidently announced that the US sanctions would lead to the rebirth of China’s chip industry.

Xu said, “I believe China’s semiconductor industry will not sit idly by but take efforts around self-strengthening and self-reliance.”

Xu added, “For Huawei, we will render our support to all such self-saving, self-strengthening, and self-reliance efforts of the Chinese semiconductor industry.”

Semiconductors have been a major point of contention in the US-China rivalry for tech dominance.

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