Govt to Amend PTA Rules to Increase Authority Members to 4

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The Federal Government has given approval for an amendment in the PTA Rules 2013 to increase the number of members of the Authority from three to four.

According to the Cabinet Division, the SRO to increase the number of members to 4 is likely to be issued soon.

The Cabinet Division has also initiated the process to amend Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) (Amendment) Act 2006.

The Cabinet Division had sent the draft amendment to the PTA Act to the Ministry of Law and Justice. After the vetting from the ministry, the draft has returned to the cabinet division, which will be sent to the Cabinet Committee for Disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC).

Sources told ProPakistani that by amending the PTA Act, the administrative powers of the chairman of PTA are being reduced. The chairman will have only the power of recruitment and posting transfer, all other administrative powers will go to the member administration. Earlier Chairman PTA used to exercise full powers of member administration.

By amending the PTA Act, the right of casting a vote is being given to the Chairman of the PTA. If there is an equality of votes among the 4 members of the authority on any issue, then the Chairman PTA will have the power to have a double vote or a deciding vote.

The Cabinet Division will complete the shortlisting of the new member administration only during the amendment of the PTA Act. With the approval of the amendment in the Act, the summary of the appointment of the new member will be sent to the federal government. The new member administration is likely to be appointed as the chairman PTA by the federal government.

The federal government has directed to complete the process of amending the PTA Act within one month.

According to the Cabinet Division, after the approval of the CCLC, the amendments in the PTA Act will be sent to the Federal Cabinet. After the approval of the Federal Cabinet, these amendments will be tabled in Parliament in the form of a bill. After the approval of the bill by the Parliament, it will be sent to the President for final assent.

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