Google TV is Getting 800 New Free Channels

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These days, FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) channels are everywhere and are growing in popularity due to their combination of free familiar reruns and news programming. Almost all modern smart TVs come with a range of these channels, and both Roku and Amazon (with Fire TV) are big advocates.

Google is now even more committed to linear FAST content than before. The search engine giant has added 800 new channels to its list that are completely free to watch.

As of today, Google TV is expanding its FAST channel offerings significantly. Whether you’re watching on a Chromecast or a TV running the software, you’ll start to see these channels appear over the next few weeks. The rollout will start in the United States but should become available in other regions soon.

Google TV previously featured FAST content from Pluto TV but is now expanding to include channels from Tubi, Plex, and Haystack News. Additionally, Google TV is introducing its own FAST channels that can be streamed without a separate app.

This brings the total number of free TV channels available to users to over 800 from multiple providers, all accessible through the live TV guide. However, some channels may still require the installation and opening of associated apps to be viewed.

Coming to All Android TVs

Google is determined to make FAST a priority, and as a result, it has announced plans to extend the TV guide and free channels to eligible Android TV devices later this year, signaling its commitment to the service.

This will not be limited to newer Google TV software, but will also be available on Android TV-based hardware such as the Nvidia Shield TV.

For those who don’t want to pay for live TV subscription services, FAST programming is an excellent option to help pass the time when you’ve grown tired of major streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO Max.

According to Google, it’s not possible to completely hide the FAST content, but your subscription-based live TV channels will appear at the top of the guide, above the FAST channels.

You can also save your preferred networks at the top of the guide to access them quickly. This means you won’t have to scroll through numerous linear channels featuring unfamiliar shows.

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