Elon Musk Creates Own AI Company

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Despite Elon Musk’s recent vocal criticism of artificial intelligence, he appears to have plans for an AI-related venture. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and The Financial Times report that Musk has established a new artificial intelligence company called X.AI Corp.

The undertaking has no specific timeline, but it is known that Google is concurrently developing an array of new AI features for its existing search engine, codenamed “Magi.”

Just like ChatGPT

One of the features under development is a chatbot capable of answering software engineering questions and generating code snippets. Additionally, the company has experimented with a feature that would allow users to search for music via a chatbot conversation. As per The Times, over 160 employees have been assigned to the redesign project.

According to a state filing from last month that both sources have reviewed, the new company is registered in Nevada and identifies Musk as the sole director, with Jared Birchall, the director of his family’s offices, serving as the secretary. The executive, who is associated with several firms, has a particular fondness for the letter “X” and even renamed Twitter, Inc. to X Corp.

Elon Musk has prior experience with AI ventures, having co-founded OpenAI but leaving it almost a decade ago. While ChatGPT gained immense popularity, Musk pushed for regulations on the technology and signed an open letter that called for a six-month halt to its development.

According to WSJ, Musk believed that ChatGPT had a political bias and had expressed concerns about “training AI to be woke.” As a result, he is reportedly interested in developing AI models that prioritize truth-seeking.

It is currently unknown if Musk intends to develop a ChatGPT competitor through X.AI Corp. However, some information regarding his AI projects has surfaced.

In March, he hired two ex-DeepMind researchers, including Igor Babuschkin, to lead the new project. Musk is said to have bought 10,000 GPUs to develop AI at a Twitter data center, and he is reportedly seeking investment from Tesla and SpaceX investors for his new venture, according to The Times.

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