Dubai Police Will Now Track Careless Drivers With AI Drones

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Dubai Police has decided to launch a new fleet of artificial intelligence (AI) drones called AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol, capable of detecting major and minor violations, including drivers not wearing seatbelts, or using smartphones while driving.

The fully functional AI drones will operate automatically or manually with a 360-degree bird’s-eye view at the press of a button.

As per the Defence and Security Middle East, a news agency, the drone employs in-house developed technology, including 360-degree situational awareness, automatic number plate and facial recognition, Lidar speed enforcement, and live detection of fastened seatbelts and mobile phone usage.

According to the details, the drone will send all information to Dubai Police in real-time, allowing for immediate action. The AI drones are expected to be launched in the next two weeks. With the futuristic AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol, Dubai Police hopes to enhance its city-wide surveillance, creating a safer environment for all citizens, including tourists.

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