Dubai is One of the Toughest Cities to Find a Job

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), has been named one of the most challenging places for job seekers. A recent study has revealed that Dubai, Doha, and San Francisco had the highest number of applicants per LinkedIn job posting in February 2023., an online resume creator, analyzed 130 cities across the globe along with every state in the US. It monitored the number of applicants per job posting in the first week of the publishing date on LinkedIn.

According to the details, Doha’s emergence as the most competitive job market can be attributed to Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup in 2022. Qatar invested over $250 billion to prepare for the tournament by developing new hotels and improving ports, airports, roads, and other infrastructure.

On average, each job ad received 399 applications in Qatar. The country also introduced a universal minimum salary and does not tax personal income.

Likewise, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have also emerged as the most competitive job markets, where people are not required to pay income tax as well.

Majorly, medical roles, and freelance digital content work were the main positions supporting the post-pandemic job market in UAE, as revealed by LinkedIn figures.

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