Dubai Customs Officials to be Trained in Metaverse

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In an effort to boost trade operations and support the emirate’s economic goals, Dubai Customs has announced plans to incorporate metaverse into its leadership development programs.

Director-General (DG) of Dubai Customs, Ahmad Mahboob Musabih, is leading the initiative to establish Dubai as a pioneer in the metaverse.

The organization has launched a metaverse training program designed for digitizing operations and increasing revenue. The program’s goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the technology and its potential to improve operations.

It also includes the benefits and drawbacks of integrating metaverse in the customs sector, emphasizing the importance of using the technology responsibly.

Dubai Customs’ vision is consistent with the broader ‘Dubai Metaverse Strategy’ by the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.

Customs Leadership Development Program

This program is part of the Dubai Customs’ strategic plan for 2021-26 and offers a blend of academic and practical training across three modules, Innovative Customs Management, Digitization of Customs Operations, and Agile Leadership.

The Customs Leadership Development Center in the Human Resources Division, in collaboration with the University of Dubai, supports the initiative. Around 16 inspection managers have graduated from this program in its sixth batch. In the last five batches, 137 employees have been trained.

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