ChatGPT-Like AI is Coming to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

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Microsoft is preparing to showcase the impact its cutting-edge AI, similar to ChatGPT, will have on its Office productivity suite.

Fresh off its recent unveiling and demonstration of the Prometheus Model in its Bing search engine, the tech giant is now setting its sights on revealing how this technology will be integrated into core productivity apps such as Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

According to sources close to Microsoft, the company is set to reveal its plans for incorporating OpenAI’s language AI technology and Prometheus Model into its productivity apps in the near future.

It is expected that Microsoft will make a formal announcement in March, showcasing its eagerness to revolutionize search and productivity through its investment in OpenAI.

According to previous reports from The Information, Microsoft has been experimenting with using GPT models in its Outlook app to enhance search results and add features such as suggesting responses to emails and integrating them into Word documents to enhance a user’s writing experience.

Last week, Microsoft unveiled a new generative AI feature in Microsoft Viva Sales, leveraging the Azure OpenAI Service and GPT to generate sales emails, similar to some of the features being tested in Outlook.

The Microsoft Prometheus Model, built on the latest OpenAI technology, has revolutionized Bing web searches. The integration of this model into the core Microsoft Office applications and Teams will be a true test of Microsoft’s trust in its AI capabilities.

Currently, it’s possible to access the Prometheus Model through the Bing sidebar within the Microsoft Edge browser when using Office web apps. The sidebar features a “Compose” tab that offers an early glimpse into some of Microsoft’s testing for Word and Outlook.

According to sources, Microsoft is exploring ways to produce graphs and graphics for PowerPoint as well. While Bing already generates tables and charts for simple data, the transformation of these into visually appealing graphics for presentations or Excel usage is a logical progression.

Microsoft is expediting the integration process largely due to the presence of Google. According to sources, Microsoft had originally intended to launch its new Bing AI in late February but moved the date up to this week in response to Google’s preparations for their own announcements. Google beat Microsoft to the punch by unveiling their ChatGPT competitor, Bard, a day before Microsoft’s event. However, it wasn’t executed well and gave wrong answers to its prompts during the live demo.

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