ChatGPT CEO Wants to Help Israel With AI

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OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT) CEO Sam Altman has hinted at intentions to explore investment opportunities in Israel.

Altman believes that artificial intelligence (AI) can play a crucial role in mitigating the risks faced by the country. As part of his efforts to advocate for responsible AI usage, Altman is engaged in a global lobbying campaign, aiming to encourage government-led regulations in this field.

During his visit to Israel, Altman is expected to engage in discussions regarding the potential threats and opportunities presented by AI. He will also hold meetings with political leaders and influential figures in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, India, and South Korea.

In May, Altman reportedly conducted similar meetings in both Europe and the United States.

During his meeting with Israel’s President Isaac Herzog, Altman expressed his belief that Israel is poised to play a significant role in the field of technology.

He referred to a recent study conducted by Stanford University, which ranked Israel among the top five countries in terms of notable machine learning systems and the concentration of AI expertise. Altman’s remarks highlighted Israel’s potential and promising prospects in the field of AI.

According to Reuters, Microsoft, a backer of OpenAI, released a statement in Hebrew acknowledging that Altman was exploring “different investment possibilities in Israel.”

Altman also reportedly reassured individuals about concerns regarding the impact of AI on job opportunities. He emphasized that despite increasing automation, there will always be valuable roles for people in various domains.

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