ChatGPT-4 With Mind-Blowing Capabilities is Launching Next Week

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Director of Technology at Microsoft Germany, Andreas Braun, has announced that OpenAI will officially roll out ChatGPT-4, which is going to be 537 times more capable than GPT-3.

Microsoft, which is one of the main investors in this project, confirmed that the new version will be available to the public next week. However, it didn’t reveal the exact date. The upcoming version is also going to be multimodal, which means that it’ll interpret both the text and images.

Not only that, but GPT-4 will also generate videos. Microsoft compares the impact of ChatGPT on daily life to that of the first iPhone, which was released a decade ago.

In order to understand the power of the upcoming GPT-4, it’s essential to compare both versions. GPT-3 works on 175 billion parameters, while GPT-4 will work on 100 trillion parameters, which is a massive improvement.

Below is the chart to give you an idea:

Microsoft has reiterated that the ChatGPT will not be increasing the global unemployment rate, instead, it will help people complete repetitive tasks in a different way.

Microsoft has advised companies to train their workers with artificial intelligence (AI). Director of Microsoft Germany, Marianne Janik, stated that conventional job requirements are evolving, with the emergence of new professions.

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