Apple to Unveil World’s First Foldable iPad Next Year

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The world’s first foldable tablet may be closer than we think.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple won’t launch new iPads until 2024, with no releases in the next 9-12 months. The first iPad to be announced will be the iPad Mini, set to begin mass production in Q1 2024.

Kuo also states that a foldable iPad is expected in 2024, and Anjie Technology will be responsible for manufacturing its carbon fiber kickstand. According to the analyst, the company will “continue benefiting from the growing trends of foldable devices, equipped with kickstands in the future”.

Kuo was likely referring to a case, as most foldable can stand without support. Or perhaps, a case with a kickstand since the foldable iPad may not be as steady as foldable phones.

Apple is expected to face a 10-15% yearly decline in tablet shipments in 2023 due to a lack of new products. However, the new iPad Mini’s arrival and the first foldable device will revive shipments and improve the product mix in 2024.

Reports suggest new iPad Pro devices will have OLED panels and slightly larger screens (11.1″ instead of 11″, 13.1″ instead of 12.9″). Rumors also suggest a 16″ iPad may be in the works.

One report mentions a foldable panel with a size of 20.25″, which would be large and unwieldy for handheld use.

A foldable tablet makes more sense than foldable phones when it comes to portability. Phones can already fit well in our pockets, but tablets are harder to carry around. Apple’s foldable iPad design may finally make them easier to carry, or maybe even pocketable at last.

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