Android 14 Beta 1 is Here With Several Useful Features

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Google has just made the first beta of Android 14 available to the public, following two developer previews earlier this year. This means that even non-developers can easily try out the upcoming software by enrolling their compatible Pixel device at the Android Beta website.

Once enrolled, Android 14 Beta 1 will be delivered as an over-the-air update. If you’re already enrolled in the Android 13 QPR Beta program with a compatible device, you’ll automatically receive the update to Android 14 Beta 1.

However, keep in mind that bugs and issues are to be expected since it’s only a beta release.

Stable Release

Google has outlined its release timeline for Android 14, which includes another beta in May followed by two “Platform Stability” releases starting in June. These releases should be considered like Release Candidates, but they won’t be officially called that.

What’s New?

One notable change in Android 14 is the gesture navigation experience, which now includes a prominent back arrow while using apps. This addition aims to improve the understanding and usefulness of back gestures, and the arrow will complement your device’s wallpaper or theme.

Improved Sharing

In Android, apps have the ability to add custom actions to the system share sheets they activate. The system itself now uses additional app signals to improve the ranking of direct share targets, which should result in a more accurate and useful experience.

Better Language Preferences

Android 14 includes enhancements to per-app language preferences, which were introduced in Android 13. This feature now allows for dynamic customization of languages displayed in the per-app language list. Additionally, keyboards will recognize the UI language of the current app, enabling auto-switching of input languages if needed.

Finally, certain views will not be visible to accessibility services unless they claim to assist users with disabilities. Google Play Protect will check these claims for apps in the Play Store.

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