Youtuber Build ‘Transparent’ Jet Engine to Show How It Works

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Warped Perception, a YouTuber, adores jet engines. He constantly adapts them and employs them in various contexts.

He thought it was time to demonstrate to his audience how the devices operate because he is such a lover of them. He made the decision to create a transparent engine to accomplish that.

“I use jet engines like this in most my projects, mostly because I like extreme,” said the YouTuber in his new video. “And jet engines are pretty extreme!”

“I figured it would only be appropriate to show everyone what’s going on inside of a jet engine,” he added.

He indicated that he planned to build a translucent engine, run it, and capture the action on camera in slow motion.

The model the YouTuber first used was 0.005 grams out of balance, which caused some issues. That might seem like a small amount, but in jet engines, every little bit counts.

He then went on to fix this oversight and carry on creating his robust machine. It was ultimately balanced by 0.001 grams.

“That’s good enough for me,” he mentioned

The Brayton cycle, a process required for engines to run, was the subject of his next explanation.

“A Brayton cycle is simply compression, combustion, and expansion equals volume,” 

He said, pointing at each component of the engine in charge of each function.

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