Google’s Folding Phone May Be More Expensive Than Samsung’s

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Google is set to unveil its inaugural foldable device and a new mid-range smartphone at its annual developer conference, Google I/O, on May 10th. The event will mark the official introduction of both the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a.

Although the devices may be announced simultaneously, their release dates will be different. The Pixel 7a will be released immediately following the announcement and will be priced at $499. The phone will be available in four colors, namely Charcoal, Snow, Sea, and Coral, with the latter being exclusively available on the Google Store.

The Pixel 7a will cost $50 more compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 6a. It’s worth noting that the Pixel 6a will continue to be sold even after the Pixel 7a’s release, which could potentially lead to a price reduction for the former, although this remains speculation.

According to rumors, the Pixel 7a will feature a new 64 MP primary camera, a 13 MP ultrawide camera, the Tensor G2 SoC, a screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate, and support for wireless charging.

Google’s forthcoming Pixel Fold is rumored to carry a hefty price tag of $1,799, which places it at the higher end of the price spectrum. Pre-orders are expected to open on May 10 via the Google Store and on May 30 through carriers, but they will not be available until June 27.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s next foldables are expected to break cover during summer this year. It remains to be seen how Google will hold up against the arena’s top dog.

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