Netflix Will Soon Start Charging You for Sharing Passwords

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Netflix has been on a crackdown against password sharing as it struggles to keep its revenue afloat. Now it is turning towards more drastic measures and is testing a new method to enforce it in Latin America.

The streaming giant believes that a password-sharing fee will help the company maintain its revenue in the long term, despite the initial backlash. A new report now suggests that it will soon start happening outside of Latin America as well.

According to the company’s latest earnings report, Netflix plans to implement the change by the end of March this year. This change will force password-sharing users to pay more for their accounts. But don’t worry, people who only share passwords within the same household are in the clear.

Netflix has a few limitations for password sharing in some countries. It does not stop or block people from sharing passwords, but users on shared accounts have to get themselves verified first. A verification code is sent to the account holder that grants access to people sharing the account.

But even after the owner verifies sharing users, Netflix keeps showing prompts until you pay for the account.

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