Nearly 55% of UAE workers anticipate losing their jobs soon

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According to a recent survey, over half of the UAE workers are worried that they will lose their jobs to robots or AI in the next 10 years. Younger individuals are particularly concerned about how technology will affect their career prospects.

The study was conducted by communications firm duke+mir and YouGov. 1,000 people participated in it. The study found that 55% of respondents were worried their roles would be replaced by AI or robots by 2033.

24% of those surveyed were uncertain while 21% were not worried about technology replacing their roles. 60% of survey participants expressed concern over their roles being replaced by AI and robots in comparison to 45% of Western expatriates sharing the same concern.

About the study, Jonathan Ivan-Duke, co-founder and partner at duke+mir, said that given the UAE government’s emphasis on protecting and providing jobs for Emiratis in the present and future, it is surprising that the youth and Emiratis are most worried about the impact of future technological advancements on their employment prospects.

Despite the UAE being known as a forward-thinking nation in terms of innovation, citizens and residents are cautious about new technologies replacing their jobs, added Ivan-Duke.

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