Here’s How a Café Worker Made AED 15 Million in Dubai

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A Filipino Café Manager in UAE won a massive lottery of AED 15 million at the Emirates Draw on 14 January, making him the first multi-millionaire of the draw in 2023.

Russel Reyes has been living in the Emirates for around 15 years and works as a store manager at a cafe in Deira City Center in Dubai. He spent only AED 5 to participate in the lottery, which made him a millionaire.

Remarkably, it was his first-ever try to take part in the EASY6 lottery of Emirates Draw. According to him, he found out about it from his brother, a regular participant, and he hugged him after winning such a large amount on the first attempt.

Recalling every detail of participating in the draw, he stated that he purchased a ticket online on Black Friday (13 January) and he got the winning call at midnight on 14 January, which made him spend a sleepless night out of excitement, he detailed.

Interestingly, Russel picked some numbers because they were linked to his family’s birthdays. The numbers he chose were 6, 29, 34, 17, 25, and 22. He picked 6 because it was the month of his birthday, 29 because it was the day of his birthday, 34 was his age, 17 was his son’s birthday, 25 was his sister’s birthday, and 22 was his mother’s birthday.

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