AI Tool ChatGPT Creates Scary Deepfake of Steve Jobs

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Powerful AI chatbot ChatGPT has brought Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs back to life in a scarily accurate deep fake video. The YouTube video shared by Synthetic Videos is currently going viral on social media.

The video is titled “Steve Jobs on ChatGPT: The Future of AI Communication”, and it features Jobs talking about the recently popularized AI tool and its capabilities. The video was created by using only a voice synthesizer and ChatGPT itself.

The 1 minute 27 seconds long video was written by ChatGPT and was read out by a machine-learning voice synthesizer,

The new technology, which is based on deep learning algorithms and voice synthesis, was able to convincingly mimic the speech and mannerisms of the late Steve Jobs, leaving many onlookers believing that he had come back to life.

This incident has sparked discussions about the capabilities of AI in mimicking human speech and behavior, as well as the ethical implications of using such technology to impersonate real people.

The viral sensation has also raised questions about the future of AI and its potential impact on society. Some have applauded the technology for its ability to transform industries and enhance daily lives, while others have expressed concerns about the possible misuse and abuse of the technology.

AI Passes Exam

Recently, the AI chatbot was even able to ace an MBA exam for Operations Management, as discovered by a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

While commenting on ChatGPT’s performance in the MBA exam, Professor Christian Terwiesch said: The chatbot does an amazing job at basic operations management and process analysis questions including those that are based on case studies.

However, the AI tool also had its limitations as it could not answer more complex questions. Regardless, the professor says that ChatGPT should be able to score a B to B- grade in an actual exam.

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